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About Us

Your private wedding counselor available at any time you want!
Your eyes here in Puglia every part of the world you live.


Counseling is a relational process between the Counselor and the Client, a way in which the Client can increase their level of autonomy and decision-making power, through the acquisition of an increased awareness of their own needs and their own personal resources potential.

The concept of Counseling is based on the fact that the Client is the foremost expert of themselves, the carrier of all the potential needed in order to handle every situation in their life and solve them, the main protagonist of their existence.



The Counselor is the professional figure who helps the Client look for solutions on specific problems and helps them handle certain crisis situations.In the course of their profession, the Counselor doesn’t start from any theories of a person or fixed knowlodge. They are, instead, an expert on relations.

Therefore, their duty is not to interpret, recommend and inform, but to lead the Client in their decisions through specific abilities and relational techniques, aimed at encouraging the empowerment process and based on listening, acceptance, emphatic understanding, the mirroring of the Client and their subjective experience.


During my years of experience in the area of weddings, I was able to realise how important the psychological and emotive component of the couple is. From the marriage vows to the big day, there are a lot of feeling following each other, and everything feels like daydreaming.

However, it is useless to hide the fact that, a moment so special could tranform in great personal stress and tension.

Exclusive Puglia Weddings was born to deal with those particolar moments… was born from a strong desire to help others, and, in this case, you, the couples, in the different stages of the organization of the wedding, providing trust, undestanding and maximum availability, in order to get to the big day feeling relaxed, happy and satisfied with the choices made.

Your private Counselor will never have the vanity to impose their decisions, but will be able to listen to you, follow your instinct and lead you to the final choices with serenity, just like a natural development of the path.

EPW puts at your service a set of collaborators, both foreign and italian, that you will be able to choose and contact, with whom you will be able to speak in person, my task is not about speaking at your place, but, recommending the best operators in the business.

The EPW collaborators come from all over the world, and you will be able to feel the thrill of choosing a photographer or a wedding stylist from your country, with whom you can speak your own language, and share customs and traditions in a different scenario… that of the splendid Puglia.

The locations are the most suggestive and exclusive of Puglia, and were chosen not only for the beautiful landscape and the comprehensiveness of accomodation and services, but especially for the experience, availability and the maximum friendliness of the stuff.

Another aspect not to undervalue is the economic one:

I don’t work on commission but with a standard fee that varies based on how many days and what services you choose.

This means maximum clarity and transparency.

Following your request of budget or service, I will just forward to you the real costs formulated by the location, or by the professional and you will be able to talk about the costs and the characteristics of your reception in person with a significant time savings.

My project doesn’t start with the aim of doing business and exploit potential trends.

My project starts from a great passion and respect for the emotions and for the eternal love, and my idea is that of fulfilling a dream and working truthfully, managing to have a dignified compensation.

Marriage represents a big emotional investment, but, in particular, a big economic investment, and i wish to work with you respecting both of these aspects.

You can find more details on the costs in the login area.

With EPW you will be the “happy” protagonists of your wedding!

Why wait?


An opportunity for international business!
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Italy Office number +39(0)392 333 73 89 JO-TRANI (Puglia) / Spain Office number +34 675 15 53 77 ASTRID(Barcelona) Miami 43205 Reus (Tarragona)/English Office number 0789 69 01 696 CARLA(England)/ Skype Call / info@exclusivepugliaweddings.com
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