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About me …

It’s always very hard to start talking about ourselves…  close your eyes  and come with me discovering my story…

I started working very soon , 16 years ago, in a great villa for weddings and events and, at that time  , I had not realized that work would become my great passion. Every day , I saw the birth of new  love projects , new promises for life and , each time,  everything seamed  like a miracle. It’s  hard to explain what I felt inside but I can try… it’s like making an incredible journey , in many different magic places.

Everything starts with an e-mail or a request of information… then,  is so exciting to meet the future bride and groom, to know their love story, to understand what they prefer, what they dream …and so the journey starts. After 2/3 days,  they call me or come back and I can discover the decision from their eyes… usually from the bride’s eyes. It’s so wonderful to decide the date together and to see those two guys so touched.

” I’m Jo and I’m here for you, near you, at any moment you wish, wherever you live! ”

This is all the beginning,  because , from the decision to the wedding day, there are a  lot of “places” to visit:

the menu, the wine, the florist, the music…. and you really need a  lot of experience  to make the bride and the groom’s wishes come true.  It’s their most important day, they are the only  protagonists and they need your support. And much more. You need to know exactly what are  the different steps of the organization, so that everything can be perfect. You  can’t improvise in this work. You will have success,  only  if you lived in this field and if you  learned all the secrets of the backstage of this world.

Finally the great day comes: the wedding day!

Isn’t only a wedding day …it’s an event…an event made of tears, smiles, kisses, music, fears and emotions. It’s like a firework and I really feel falling in love again! Yes, for me each time is like to see a miracle that becomes true in everyday life…the miracle of the endless love.

It’s why I can’t only speak about planning a wedding…  of course, during my experience , I learned  how to organize a wedding. But what about feelings? What about bride’s feelings? What about groom’s fears?

That’s why I think that two guys, that took  such a great decision , don’t need only to plan that day… they need someone that can guide them  through the different decisions , a person they can trust in, a person that is at their disposal  at any time they want, a private mate…a private counselor that never lets them alone.

During my work experience, I saw lot of couples and I felt their help request and their need to call me many  times… I felt very sad because, in the past,  I couldn’t do that,  because I had  to follow my boss’ rules …but now, I want to write a new page….i really want to write a new chapter of my life book and break down the barriers of distance and past rules because there are no barriers and not limits in Love!

I mean :  I’m not selling chairs  or tables or cars…I’m talking about feelings…about a unique moment in life … I want to take care about the  groom and bride’s feelings, their love story, their fears, their dreams. It’s an important  step of their life….they’re the only protagonists…their friends , their parents, all these people  are exclusive and unique… and each wedding will be exclusive, because exclusive was  their love story….exclusive their lighting strike…..exclusive their engagement ….and exclusive will be their wedding day! A day created with all my passion, but , first of all, following your story, like the natural evolve of your love story.

Life is made of feelings  and each of us is joined to the other … there’s no distance, there are no limits that can share a love story… I’m here to hear about your exclusive story…to write together a wonderful, unforgettable and really exclusive new chapter of your life

Your exclusive wedding day in the magic Puglia!

In every part of the world there are beautiful places, of course, but Puglia … in Puglia you can breathe magic, passion, history… the essence of true love!

I’m Jo and I’m here for you, near you, at any moment you wish, wherever you live!

Start writing now…Once upon a time there was a princess… today that princess has become a “great queen” with  the sensitivity of a woman but the great strength to realize she dreams like a lioness…

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