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Irish Citizens

We assume that you are both Irish, living in Ireland or the UK.

To be completed in Ireland

❖ Valid Passports

❖ Official, Long Form, signed Birth Certificates

❖ Parental or Guardian Consent if one partner is under the age of 18

❖ Termination of  Previous Marriage (Divorce Decree or Death Certificate)

❖ Fee (this changes from year to year so it’s best to check DFA in Dublin or Irish Embassy in London beforehand)

❖ Forms relating to your current marital status

Pay attention:

These Statutory Declarations must be made and signed in the presence of  a Notary Public, a Commissioner for Oaths or a Solicitor.

❖ Application for Nulla Osta

Including the documents above, you will need to apply for the Certificat de Coutume / Nulla Osta through the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin at least 4 but no more than 6 months before the wedding date.

When the forms for the Nulla Osta have been sent to the DFA, they will check the documents to make sure everything is in order. The DFA will forward them on to the Irish Embassy in Rome.

Pay attention:

The Nulla Osta will then be sent either to your private wedding counselor of Exclusive Puglia Weddings, or directly to the Comune where you will be married in Italy.

To be completed in Italy

❖ Your documents must be presented to the town hall a number of days before the wedding so plan to arrive at least 2 days in advance.

Pay attention:

 If you choose Exclusive Puglia Weddings, you should send all of your documents prior to  the wedding and we will present them to the town hall on your behalf.

❖ Wedding

You will need two witnesses and an interpreter present. Your marriage certificate will be issued after the ceremony.

Italy Office number +39(0)392 333 73 89 JO-TRANI (Puglia) / Skype Call / info@exclusivepugliaweddings.com

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