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UK Citizens

To be obtained in the UK

❖ Valid Passports

❖ Official, Long Form, signed Birth Certificate’s

❖ Parental or Guardian Consent if one partner is under the age of 18

❖ Termination of  Previous Marriage (Divorce Decree or Death Certificate)

Pay attention:

❖ In Italy, a woman cannot remarry within 300 days of the date of her divorce unless she  obtains special permission from the Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale (District Attorney’s office) at the Palazzo di Giustizia (Courthouse) in the city where the wedding will be performed. This permission will not be issued unless she can present medical evidence that shows she is not pregnant.

❖“Certificato di stato libero” of the other party, if an Italian national.

❖ Certificate of No Impediment.

Pay attention:

❖ The certificate of No Impediment will be issued to you after you apply for your marriage  banns though your local registry office. To apply for the banns, you will need to submit the documentation already listed above. The certificate will be issued approximately 4 weeks after your application.

❖ Nulla Osta

When you receive The Certificate of No impediment it should be mailed to the appropriate British Consulate in Italy along with both Birth Certificate’s, photocopies of both passports, A Deed Poll if the name on one’s birth certificate is different to the name on their passport, a Decree Absolute of Divorce and the Previous Marriage Certificate if appropriate a Bank Draft for each of the Nulla Ostas payments.

Pay attention:

❖ The consulate will send the Nulla Osta to the Comune Town Hall that you are getting married in or to your private counselor of Exclusive Puglia Weddings.

To be completed in Italy

Your documents must be presented to the town hall a number of days before the wedding so plan to arrive at least 2 days in advance. If you are using a planner, you should send all of your documents prior to the wedding and they will present them to the town hall on your behalf.


You will need two witnesses and an interpreter present. Your marriage certificate will be issued after the ceremony.


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