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I can already see you set down in your chair or on the sofa while you’re playing with your fingers, looking at your ring!

Yes you’re engaged!

I think to know what good thoughts there are now in your mind…But now it’s time to start planning the biggest, and most exclusive party of your

life.It may seem like an almost impossible task right now, but with the help of Exclusive Puglia Weddings’s staff everything will seem


One of the first things to do is to set a budget and to talk about this aspect with your future husband or your parents.

After you’ve discussed the budget, you need to work out what type of wedding you want.Are you dreaming a white beach with the scent of the sea and

the sweet sound of the waves?

Or you are thinking about walking through a green lawn, surrounded by the romantic movement of the olive trees?

Maybe you would prefer a ceremony in a castle like a princess?

Now is the time to start thinking about the big elements of the day because these need to be booked well in advance.

Things like the venue and the entertainment may have forward bookings one or even two years in advance, so if you are felt in love of a location in Puglia, set up a visit as soon as possible.

Exclusive Puglia Weddings’s private counselor will organize the visit to different locations. I will help you plan the day.

It may seem like a luxury but, believe me, I don’t want to ruin your dream… you don’t need a great sum of money…

you ONLY NEED A GREAT PROJECT FOR YOUR WEDDING, and a person that helps you solve the obstacles of the organization.

Exclusive Puglia Weddings will be the one that suits you! Exclusive Puglia Weddings will make you sure everything will be under control!

Below you will find a list that will help you understand the different phases of the organization of your most important day. 


*  Sit down, perhaps with both  sets of parents, and decide on  a budget.

*  Start looking at venues and   make appointments with EPW private counselor to see your favourites.

*   We will contact a prior or minister.

Pay attention:

*  I advice you to buy some wedding insurance before you start buying all the   expensive elements.

*  Choose who you’re having as the main members of the  wedding party, like the best friend, bridesmaids and  flowergirls.

*  Start compiling a scrapbook of ideas, including flowers, colours, themes and more.

*  We will book cars, meet and book a photographer, florist and videographer.

*  We will choose and order your stationery.

*  We will see video or meet your favorite band or DJ.

*  We will send out save the date cards.

*  We will meet and make beauty and make up proof .

*  We will choose together the dress searching for the shapes that’ll suit you.


 The big day is getting even closer now, so it’s time to start looking at the finer details.

First up, give your groom a job to do – let him organise the suits for himself, the best man, the ushers and, in some cases, the father of the bride.

It’s very important start thinking and writing about who you’re going to invite in relation to your budget.

If you want to invite lots of people, consider having a later ceremony so you will have time to thank they with most serenity.

Another aspect is to make your own favours for the day – remember the more personal they are, the more likely people appreciate them and to keep

them for long time.


* We will find your bridesmaids’ dresses.

*We will choose your favours.

*We will confirm all arrangements with prior, minister or a celebrant.

*We will choose your wedding rings.

*We will choose the wedding cake and meet the cake designer.

*We will open a gift list.

* We will help you making a draft invitation list. (adult, children, intollerants, allergician, dogs)

*We will organise accommodation for    out-of-town guests.

Pay attention:

*Your private wedding counselor will get you in touch with our beauty consultant to give you some advice about different tans, waxing    treatments

and so on, to make sure you don’t get a bad reaction to them few day before wedding.


The three-month point is about sending out your invitations.

This is really an important aspect because it represents the first contact you will have with your guests, and the first time you can give them a hint of what to expect from your day.

We will send out your invitations at least six weeks before the wedding.

Consider that generally 20% will refuse.

Their answer is essential to give the right number to the restaurant and the hotel for further accomodation.


*We will send out invitations, including gift list information.

*We will buy the bridesmaids’ dresses   and get any alterations you will comunicate me.

*We will talk about hairstyles and make-up options with our collaborators.

*We will define your wedding breakfast   and the menu with the restaurant or catering.

*We will buy a guest book.

*We will help you to double-check your honeymoon plans, check    passports and travel insurance.

*We will discuss about a schedule of a rehearsal.

*We will help you to keep a note of gifts and who sent them as they arrive.

*Pay attention:

We advice you to check your shoes and if you haven’t already got them, to wear them some time before wedding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  … to be continued!

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