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Why To Marry In Puglia

Volare oooohhh, cantare ooooohhh nel blu dipinto di blu… felice di stare lassù…
This is one of the most famous songs in the world: Volare of Domenico Modugno.

It’s the truth… blue is the typical color of Puglia. Blue is the sea, the sky and you feel it’s  summer every day. Also in winter, you can see the rays of the Sun  shining on the crystalline water and you can enjoy the beauty of this country, 365 days a year. That’s  why, the Apulia coast, is  one of the most magical places in Italy.

Ribbons of golden sandfishing ports and towns perched on steep coastlineWind and sea caressing white wallsand buildings throughout the longest seafront of Italy. Polignano, slowly rises from the sea and reveals caves, hidden coves and white pebble. In Monopoli you can walk around  a maze of narrow streets that wind between buildings and tower houses.

” Romantic and charming, discover Alberobello

Capitolo is famous for its long beach with sand dunes and inlets.
Following the green almond and olive hills, you will find Conversano, Turi and Noicattaro, that are known as the “hollow gold” area of Puglia.
This area is full of cultivated vineyards famous all over the world. Such is the landscape of Murgia, dominated by three artistic cities, with a glorious past and unique landscapes:

Barletta, Andria and Trani.
Trani is a town full of history and tradition: secret alleys, artisan workshops and picturesque spots. Its waterfront is really a movie scenery, with a spectacular area  enclosed between the piers of Saint Lucia and Saint Anthony. In the centre of the tine you will see colorful boats and teeming sea-side life made up of fisherman, fish mongers and passers-by. But the true jewel of Trani is undoubtedly its Cathedral.

It appears as if suspended above, striking you with its imposing size and sense of greatness. Its aisle leaves you breathless and all the elements are authentic, historical and charming.

Characterized by “Trulli” and dry stonewalls, that surround vineyards and olive groves, you can  see  the Valle  d ‘ Itria. The scenery is magic and, to enjoy it all, you have to cross towns like Alberobello, a Unesco world heritage site with its 1400 trulli or Locorotondo, which takes its name from the town circular plan, dominated by ancient buildings with slanted roofs.

Cisternino, instead, evokes the image of an oriental village with its houses painted  of lime and oil. The charming plain of Fasano, teeming with olive groves and close to the sea, is full of beautiful farmhouses transformed into spa resorts, with golf courses and relaxing treatments only a few steps from Egnazia, one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy.

Ostuni, the white city, is a succession of arches, towers, palaces, courtyards, terraces, alleys, noble mansions and shops.

The most northern part of Puglia is Gargano: bay, caves, cliffs, towers and multicolored seabed. Along the coast from Vieste to Peschici, you will find giant structures submerged in the sea: ancient “trabucchi”, extraordinary fishing systems which  became restaurants on the sea.

So…Why to marry in Puglia?

As you can see you only have to choose the place that catches your heart and, in each of these cities, I will show you a charming Masseria, where you can make your wishes come true.

So…. what are you waiting for? Write me now!

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