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Photographer and Video Photographer

Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers. Best friends. Based in the south of England.

We have a daughter called Eden. She was born with a mass of black hair. We got matching whale tattoos for our wedding. We ADORE Wes Anderson. We love to travel so much that we sold our house and travelled around Asia & Europe for a year. Backgammon is our favourite game… we even took it to Mexico on our honeymoon and spent all day every day playing it at the beach bar. People started calling us ‘that backgammon couple’. We love to read – East of Eden, The Great Gatsby and On the Road are some of our favourites. We shoot lots of 35mm film in our everyday photos. We love arty indie flicks but we also love cheesy action films. Bonus points if it has Nicolas Cage in it. We <3 Alan Partridge.


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