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Professional violinist, exceeding violinist offers a performance based on the interpretation of musical themes, from the most classical to the most recent. Furthermore, everything is accompaigned by a setup that has an impact, offering a different aesthetic with an instrument that, even if maintains the essence of a classic violin, shows the most innovative musical technology of the moment. A see-through violin with a LED illumination that takes the performance to another level, in particular in dark spaces. Trying to break the borders in traditional music with an electronic music live-set, house, dance, classic, making every event an unforgettable experience, adjusting every performance to a different crowd, regulating the repertoire to the different participants and events. Always trying to transmit the love for the stage in every performance with a unique and innovative show, making every show unforgettable. Great experience in every scenario and every event.

Services: music for the cerimony, music for cocktail/ feasts, music for dancing, music for private parties, events animation, live in disco, music for fashion shows, etc. Styles: classic, chill-out, hits, jazz, rock, electronic, house, pop, current music… Repertoire: from current themes, such as: Avicii, David Guetta, to Michael Jackson, Beatles and classic music…


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