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Wedding Designer

The texture designer can customize every aspect of your wedding or event with an exclusive graphic created on your liking just for you

Each texture recounts experiences, share suggestions and describes moments, it wants to meet your desire for originality and creates a Wedding project as close as possible to your wishes. I can create a texture that tells about your own world, your story, your passions, everything you love; it can be originated from your wedding theme, a dress detail or your favorite flower and will makes your wedding day perfect and unique as you had imagined it. Your own texture can be applied on several products, customizing invitation cards, labels, cushions, party favor bags, tableware sets and everything that can tell about your dream. All products and fabrics are printed and sewn in Italy with a constant attention to innovation and Made in Italy traditions. We will texturize your wedding to help you express yourself and meets your needs.


Italy Office number +39(0)392 333 73 89 JO-TRANI (Puglia) / Skype Call / info@exclusivepugliaweddings.com

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