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Wedding Dress

Poetic handmade clothing and accessories in a magical Atelier

Atelier old and new style at same time. Old Florentine know that owes its knowledge, again why we are now in an unusual place in Romagna, a former pastry chosen as a magical place. Here Lucio invents and creates by hands, view personally clothes and accessories. pictorial style that mixes new and vintage fabrics to create garments that crossing time and fashion , dressing easily women and leaving them free to becomfortable.In Atelier many original clothes and accessories-bride as wedding hairpin , wedding ring pillow, silk bouquet and wedding shoes.Bespoke and custom clothes often arise for mothers, bridesmaids, invited. With the collaboration of italian artisans, Lucio invents a wedding invitation , wedding books and curious favor to have a unique style. Lucio assist the bride on her wedding day, performing natural make up and hairstyles , transforming the bride in an artistic vision.


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